Our People

The Founders
Driven by our passion for property investment, we see this business model as another form of "real estate" investment. We take pride in providing premium "properties" to our tenants - and we enjoy the opportunities brought upon by this platform, which we fully believe will lead us to encounter many successful business owners and spark future business ventures, and along the way, assist businesses to move to their next level.

Melting Pot @ Molek
It started off with one of the founders looking for an office suite for herself - she only needs a room for 1-2 staff as she's at the start of her new business. However she discovered that the type of office suite that she's looking for - cannot be found in Johor Bahru.

Then she thought - this is an opportunity!

Hence Melting Pot is a product of their imagination - premium office suites, professional receptionist and call operator, dedicated phone line, and last but not least - an interesting event space which will be the talk of the town.